Why Publicity is Necessary for Small Businesses

If you want to make it in any sense of the business world one of your top priorities has to be focused on publicity. My jaw always drops whenever I hear a business owner say publicity would be nice but it’s not our main focus at the moment. Publicity is extremely vital when it comes to success no matter how big or small your business is or whether you’re doing it just to earn extra money or it’s your main source of income. If no one knows about your business, how are they going to buy your products or use your services if they don’t know they exists? If your business doesn’t have a sense of credibility, how are people going to feel secure about using your goods? If your business doesn’t have publicity, how is it going to survive? This is why I have put together some main points and reasons why publicity is necessary for small businesses.

Publicity is a necessity for small businesses because it builds awareness about your product or service. After all, customers  cannot buy your product or use your services if they don’t know it exists. Whether you’re doing direct sales home parties or a brick and mortar small business with a few employees, awareness about your brand is just one element in the equation of success. This is why publicity is so vital. It’s no secret that sales are a number game… if you want more sales, well then you need more exposure. How are you going to continue to book home parties or keep customers coming through your door if the word about your business isn’t being spread? Publicity is an extremely cost-effective and efficient method of generating awareness for your company.

Credibility is crucial and publicity can help tremendously with building your brand’s credibility. When a respected and credible media outlet gives your product or service the thumbs up, it creates a huge stamp of approval for the world to see. Remember Oprah’s Favorite Things episodes? Whenever something made it on her list those companies saw HUGE spikes in their sales. Why? Because it got Oprah’s stamp of approval, therefore it must be good. When customers read positive press about your company they feel validated, assured and educated about choosing your brand. The sense of trust-worthiness has now been projected onto you, your company and your brand.

Once you get that stamp of approval, it is vital to keep the products and services you’re producing going in a satisfactory matter so that the word continues to spread about your brand. You need this to happen in order to survive in business, otherwise either no one takes notice of you or you become a one hit wonder. You have to keep the ball rolling, building momentum and staying on top of the game of publicity and public relations.



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