Why Public Relations Matters to your Success

Public relations is literally one of the most cost-effective methods for small businesses to raise awareness about their products, services and brand. Yet, many small business owners often overlook public relations for advertising. Advertising can be a great tool for you business, but public relations is much more than advertising. Many are unaware of the role public relations plays in the articles you read and the way the public views your business.

Placing advertisements can get very expensive and people don’t realize that public relations is often less expensive than advertising and can often result in being more valuable to your business. People don’t trust ads as much as hearing endorsements from third parties. A successful public relations campaign allows for businesses to shape third party influence, which often leads to greater trust with core audiences. Bottom line is, it’s no secret small businesses have very tight budgets, but when choosing public relations over advertising you typically get more bang for your buck.

Save time and money
Small businesses need to hire a public relations pro because pr is this person’s job. It’s what they went to school for and what they’re trained to do. They have media contacts, knowledge, expertise and they’re creative. It’s their job to know how to get your business noticed. You are the expert at what you do, allow a public relations pro do what they’re an expert at. Public relations is a full time job and as an entrepreneur you already have a lot on your to-do list. By hiring a professional you are ultimately saving you and your business a lot of time, energy and money. If you try to do it yourself without the proper expertise chances are you are not going to yield the results you desire.

Creating your brand
Since you are a small business and building awareness of what you do, you also need to be developing your brand. A public relations pro will help you develop your brand, promote it as well as position you and your business into industry experts. This not only creates credibility but it also story ideas for media that often leads to media placements.

Finding your unique factor
Every small business has competitors and the challenge of promoting your business in a sea of competitors is finding what differentiates you from the rest. Public relations helps to create awareness about your business because a public relations pro will be able to convince targeted audiences that your business is uniquely better in some way.

 Maintaining visibility
It’s vitally important to maintain a constant visibility in the public eye. Public relations does this and a pro knows how to keep your business visible on many different platforms with proactive pr without causing over-saturation. Successful businesses know that public relations doesn’t sleep. It’s much easier to maintain visibility with your core audiences than it is to totally rebuild your image due to cutting pr from your budget.




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