What is Worthy of a Press Release?


Press releases are a fantastic way to gather attention and publicity for your business. Many small businesses miss out on this great opportunity because they either simply do not think of utilizing public relation services or they don’t think they are big enough yet to utilize such services. Truth be told, press releases are perfect for small businesses to get their name out there.

Although, a press release doesn’t guarantee to get your business mentioned in the media, it does get your name out there at least to the writers, editors, bloggers and whoever else you send it to. It plants a seed in their mind that just might see the light of day in a future story, collaboration or business opportunity. So even if your press release doesn’t get immediate media attention it isn’t a total loss. Of course, if your press release does make it into some write up, that is always great publicity and gets your name out to the readers and consumers.

Many often wonder what is worthy of a press release, so I have put together quite a list of different topics related to your business that deserve a press release. Just remember, like with any news, a press release must contain timely information. Keep your business relevant by announcing things currently happening or happening in the very near future.

Branding, Events, Charity, Leadership

Business rebranding
New website or significant upgrade to existing website
Company name change
Product name change
Celebrity and public figure endorsements
Involvement with a charity
Local event or team sponsorships
Internship Programs
Pro bono work
Scheduling of in-person seminars
Success of events
Event sponsorship
Holiday-related events
Helpful tips for customers, related to your business
A new award win
Milestone accomplishments
Free educational information, ebooks, newsletters and white papers
Media and speaker appearances by executives
Educational online and in-person events
Debunking of common “myths” related to your industry
Tips sheets or feature stories like “Top 10 Christmas Gifts for 2013″ or “How to Land a Job in 30 days”
Commentary and product or business tie-ins to current events

Products/Pricing Promotions, Company Growth,  Strategy Shifts

New website or significant upgrade to existing website
Free shipping offer/changes in shipping rates
New products and services
Product name change
New product production process
New products, services, pricing and promotions
New contests and sweepstakes
Holiday-related sales and promotions
Unique and new uses for existing products
New promotional programs like referral rewards
Free consultations, trial offers and samples
New website or significant upgrade to existing website
Creation of a new company or spin-off
Milestone accomplishments
Company anniversary (eg. 50 years in business)
New office opening or relocation
Company Name Change
Strategic partnerships and alliances
New executives and other personnel changes
Transfer in ownership
Holiday-related sales
Major steps towards “going green”




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